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Grwoing the Ecosystem: $EXO

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Bank Account + Card
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Download our app on all your favourite platforms - We support Android, iOS, Mac, Windows Linux and Chrome Extension

2. Create or Import your Wallet

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3. Trade and Spend Crypto

Receive or buy crypto, trade it and sign up for your debit card and spend anywhere in the world like real money!


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Let me start off by saying, I have very high expectations of any service provider, but especially in crypto, when its about my money. Their UX, their infrastructure, everything is simply on point!

Rick Owens

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"Low fees, broad coverage and an exquisite card Design - All my friends got jealous and started using it as well! I hooked them up with some sweet referral bonuses though ;)"

Helen Moor

“The future of crypto trading and DeFi”

Exoda managed to make a super simple, yet intuite wallet to trade and manage your crypto but also to interact with DApps - you can even use your ExodaID to jump into DeFi right away! It has never been easier

Sam Smith

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